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The Wild Horse Auctions in Fallon Nevada. From peace to chaos.

Why have we become so disconnected, How have we become so cold and cruel? I watched mothers and youngsters pushed into a semi circle inside the auction arena trembling and scared, shitting themselves as the auctioneer shouted his numbers and bidding over the loudest distorted PA system imaginable. 
These animals petrified, were held until the price was met and then ushered back outside while the next family came in. 
I saw people dressed as cowboys sitting on their arses without one drip of empathy in their body. 
These animals were terrified and I choked up to the point where I had to get outside and leave. 
I sobbed in the car park and wondered what the fuck I could do. 
I have hit a low in my life right now, Too much going on in such a short time yet I feel I need to carry this fight on. 
I just drove 3 hours back down to Topanah and can't remember the drive.
What frustrates me is the total lack of commitment of people to the cause. We have the tools but we have forgotten how to use them. The save the whale rally in the 70's pulled out millions of people and we changed the world. We can't get a fraction interested anymore and I'm pissing against the wind. 
I write this with tears down my cheeks because I have these images in my mind of these horses with their eyes popping out of their heads in fear.
I so dislike my own species at this moment.
Before anyone tells we how many good people there are (For which there is) there is not enough. We are fighting against greed and the people who should represent us in government are bought by lobbyists and sharks. While the country is corrupt, the animals are the losers and when the animals loose, I have no meaning.

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I am here to work on a program that creates awareness on animal poaching and the Asian market. The Lion is being poached for its penis, the elephant for the ivory and the Rhino for the horn.
I have witnessed many animal abuses around the world and many of them disturb me greatly. Extinction however concerns me more and the Rhino is on the verge of becoming that way unless we look for a solution. less than 20,000 now exist and if present trends continue, this animal will become extinct in 10 years.
Maybe farming the horn will keep the species alive?
Recordist: Martyn Stewart
Recorder: Sound Devices 788t
Microphone: MKH 30/40 MS
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Happy anniversary Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic national wildlife refuge is 50 years old......

As a kid I always wanted to go to the Arctic national wildlife refuge but growing up in the UK i believed this was highly doubtful at my tender age of 8 years old.

To see a polar bear or a wolf was a dream for me. I would see natural history programs on TV featuring this amazing place and it jettisoned me off to this wilderness.

Many years on it became reality and after visiting this majestic place 5 times, I cannot get enough of it.

Each year though there is a threat to its very existence and that threat is from man and his addiction to oil.

For many years ANWR( as it has become known ) is the subject of oil drilling, certain people want to see this amazing place opened up for oil.

For over 50 years activists and conservationists have fought off these threats, many by the skin of their teeth.

Even if you never visit this pristine wilderness in your lifetime, You need to know that we can at least protect at least one place on this planet, If not for you, your children and their kids.

Extinction is for ever

Please visit www.arcticlive.comfor details on this 50th anniversary.

you can also follow links to facebook and twitter from there.

Get involved and revel in this amazing place.

Happy Birthday Arctic national wildlife refuge....

Recorded sounds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the Kongakut River, Canning Delta, Sunset Pass and Beaufort Lagoon.

Recordist: Martyn Stewart


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ANWR rally, September 20th Washington DC September 20, 2005 (Washington, DC) - Thousands of Americans from across the country gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol this morning to voice their opposition to plans to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Following a rally on the Capitol's west lawn with a diverse slate of political, religious and Native American leaders, enthusiastic groups of Arctic Refuge Action Day participants swarmed House and Senate office buildings to speak to their congressional representatives about the upcoming vote on Arctic Refuge drilling. Among the crowd were more than 1500 citizens who boarded buses late last night or in the pre-dawn hours to attend from as far away as Michigan and Wisconsin. "Capitol Hill was a sea of blue 'Save the Arctic Refuge' shirts today," said Cindy Shogan of the Alaska Wilderness League. "The sheer numbers of citizens and the level of commitment today were unlike anything we've ever seen in this campaign to protect the refuge. It was an inspirational day."
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BIRDS OF ANWR The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge I took it upon myself to visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge once I believed that oil exploration would become inevitable under the present administration (George W Bush ) I set out again in June of this year (2005) and headed for a 3 day stint camping among the wildlife. I had previously been to the refuge 3 times before but this time I felt more compelled.
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