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Yellow-eyed penguins at Penguin Place NZ The Yellow-eyed penguin is endangered, with an estimated population of 4,000. It is considered one of the world's rarest penguin species. The main threats include habitat degradation and introduced predators. It may be the most ancient of all living penguins. This is a podcast from Penguin Place on the Otago Peninsula. Recorded with HHB flashmic, Telinga DAT, Sound devices 722 recorder. Recordist: Martyn Stewart. New Zealand, November 2009
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The  amazing Tui of New Zealand

The Tui found in New Zealand is one brilliant songster! here is a bird singing before dawn with a variety of clicks, trills, buzzes and hoots. One of the most complicated singers putting it up there with the Oropendolas and cowbirds. Location: New Zealand, Stewart Island. Temp:45f Winds: 2-mph Humidity: 80% Recorded with Sound devices 722 Microphones: MKH 40/30 ms Tripod mounted protected with a rycote windjammer. Recordist: Martyn Stewart No narration

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The Diminishing Dawn chorus All gods creatures have a place in the choir, including the world WE live in.
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The Snow Geese of the Skagit Flats It is December and Today I'm taking you to the Skagit flats, about 60 miles north of Seattle in Washington state. The Skagit flats is one of Americas best winter birding destinations and one of the American birding associations “important birding areas.
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Let us take you to the Grand Island, Crane meadows to hear the spectacular Sandhill Cranes and then up north to the Calamus outfitter ranch to hear a "Bar room brawl" staring the Great-Prairie Chicken. more information at ENJOY
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Fantastic book from  mountaineers books, photos by Subhankar Banerjee and others. there is a 60 minute CD with my sounds recorded from the refuge included.

more info visit  Or



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New Bird songs of the Pacific Northwest NEW Birdsongs of the Pacific Northwest
 165 bird songs on numbered tracks listed on the CD front
· CD tracks correspond to numbered species descriptions in the guidebook
· Field guide provides color illustrations of each bird species
· Hard case package with removable softbound guidebook and CD (CD secured in resealable plastic pouch)
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Starlings get a raw deal, What is the future for this wonderful bird?

My friend the starling would like to say "be easy on me"

This is a short podcast defending this magnificent bird from back home.

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Yucatan Birds and the affects of Hurricanes

The Yucatan Peninsula and the affect hurricanes coupled with global warming have on migratory birds. Here is Antonio Cellis, a bunch of birds recorded in Redmond, WA, and a soundscape from the Yucatan.

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The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge..AGAIN!!!!!

Will the threat of drilling ever go away? Unless we make this place a "class 1" wilderness it won't. Should we stand up for what we believe or let big money oil companies dictate to us what we can and can't have?

Bird sounds from the refuge at Sunset Pass and Andy Keller join this podcast from the refuge. Listen to Jaegers and Longspurs with the odd Loon thrown in for good measure.....


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