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Fantastic book from  mountaineers books, photos by Subhankar Banerjee and others. there is a 60 minute CD with my sounds recorded from the refuge included.

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New Bird songs of the Pacific Northwest NEW Birdsongs of the Pacific Northwest
 165 bird songs on numbered tracks listed on the CD front
· CD tracks correspond to numbered species descriptions in the guidebook
· Field guide provides color illustrations of each bird species
· Hard case package with removable softbound guidebook and CD (CD secured in resealable plastic pouch)
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Starlings get a raw deal, What is the future for this wonderful bird?

My friend the starling would like to say "be easy on me"

This is a short podcast defending this magnificent bird from back home.

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Yucatan Birds and the affects of Hurricanes

The Yucatan Peninsula and the affect hurricanes coupled with global warming have on migratory birds. Here is Antonio Cellis, a bunch of birds recorded in Redmond, WA, and a soundscape from the Yucatan.

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The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge..AGAIN!!!!!

Will the threat of drilling ever go away? Unless we make this place a "class 1" wilderness it won't. Should we stand up for what we believe or let big money oil companies dictate to us what we can and can't have?

Bird sounds from the refuge at Sunset Pass and Andy Keller join this podcast from the refuge. Listen to Jaegers and Longspurs with the odd Loon thrown in for good measure.....


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The magnificent Bluethroat of the Arctic


Luscinia svecica
AKA: Red-spotted bluethroat, White-spotted bluethroat,

A small robin-like bird, the male is unmistakable in spring with his bright blue throat, bordered below with bands of black, white and chestnut. Its central throat spot can be white or chestnut. They can be quite secretive, flicking into the cover of a bush with a flash of their chestnut tail patches.

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My apologies and a whiskered screech owl....


First of all I feel I have to apologize for the lack of podcasts this year, I had all good intensions to keep them rolling but my work has gotten in the way, now I have to produce these great little broadcasts when I can…..Thank god for people like David Dawson of “on the wing? and the RSPB to fill in these huge gaps I create.I have many podcasts in the can as they say and hope to produce them a little later in the year including my trips to Mexico and the threatened Arctic national wildlife refuge.For now let me play you a delightful recording made in South-east Arizona on pursuit of the elusive Whiskered screech owl……Ramsey canyon was the setting; we stayed in the B&B next to the Nature conservancy headquarters. Each night we went out in search of the owl and finally……

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