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BIRDS OF ANWR The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge I took it upon myself to visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge once I believed that oil exploration would become inevitable under the present administration (George W Bush ) I set out again in June of this year (2005) and headed for a 3 day stint camping among the wildlife. I had previously been to the refuge 3 times before but this time I felt more compelled.
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Colima Warbler, Big Bend. Texas I took a trip to Big Bend National Park intent on recording the Colima Warbler. There are probably some 200 pairs here in the park and Big Bend is the only place in Northern America where they breed, High up in the Chisos Mountains. Each spring/summer Colima Warblers nest in the surrounding oak canyons. we climbed the Pinnacles Trail (climbing 1700 feet) and believe me, this was a hard climb in the heat! I set out with my wife at 6:30am and on the way up the Pinnacles trail we saw Mexican Jays, Canyon Towhees, Titmouse, white-throated swifts, Canyon Wrens and Blue Grosbeaks. after about 5 hours we encounter the Colima Warbler. This large, mostly brown and gray warbler with a yellow rump is one of the least studied warblers in North America, very little is known about its population size and what threatens its survival.
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Common Murre on Tatoosh Island. WA 8/24/2005 Common Murre Tatoosh Island WA. What a fabulous experience, I was invited by the University of Washington to stay with the Biologists on the Island and record birds, this recording was done in a blind right in the center of the Murre colony. Various bangs you here are the Murre hitting the one-way glass, certainly up close and personal! MP3 recorded with M/S MKH/40-MKH/30 Sound Devices 722....... 4:43sec
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